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 "Since I have seen you Dr. Paul, I lost about 25 to 30 pounds. My goal is to lose 80 more."
"I was suffering from Chonic Fatigue cramping in my legs and arms and had difficulty paying attention. Through Dr. Paul's Green Drink (NGB) and the detox program I was able to regain nomal functions and had renued youthful energy". 
"My diabetes was out of control the doctor had me on so much medications I didn't know what to do. After my personal assessment with Dr. Paul my diabetes has been under control and my Doctor has taken down my amounts of medication and my diabetes is under control. I have my sisters all following the same program Dr. Paul recommended. Thanks Dr. Paul."
"I had prostate PSA levels as high as 9.0 and was very discouraged by my health. I met Dr. Paul and had a personal assessment and he recommended a Holistic Health plan with herbs and nutrients and in 6 months my PSA levels have gone from 9.0 to 3.4 and I'm feeling Great!! Hallelujah!!"
" My blood pressure and Cholesterol were sky high and it seemed that everything I ate caused me to feel worse. After Dr. Pauls assessment I got the (NGB) Green Drink and now my blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal. What a difference a simple Green Drink makes". 
"I attended Dr. Paul's seminar at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church- "Natural Woman" and he talked about "ONION TEA" as a natural detox for the blood, liver, and kidneys and all internal organs. I prepared it as he instructed me and immediately I could tell the difference that a simple onion made in my blood pressure and cholesterol, and it taste great too."
"After hearing Dr. Paul at our yearly Church Health seminar I heard him speak on Acid & Alkaline balance in the diet. My issue was that I couln't  seem to loose weight. After a personal assessment with Dr. Paul he showed me on the Acid/Alkaline chart the foods I didn't know were causing acid build up and he set me up on a plan. I cut acid foods, got the (NGB) Green Drink and Detox and I have lost 15 pounds in a matter of months". 
"After an assessment with Dr. Paul. I have been doing the oil pulling detox for 2 days of 2 tablespoons each morning for 15 mins and I can see my teeth look whiter than ever. I also had a naging tooth that was oozing every day for over a year from a root canal and for the first time it has stopped. Also I had lumps on my left thigh that have almost dissappeared.  Finally I have been also taking the special enzymes Dr. Paul recommended and I can see that I am loosing weight."    
 " The opportunities which I have been having to interact with Dr. Hopkins and the Brethren of the Men's Gathering have been very useful for me in respect of improvements in my level of consciousness, and in my mind and my body.  My mind is always at ease as I am satisfied that I can always bring whatever relevant problems I encounter on a day to day basis to the attention of the group in session, or to Dr. Paul, our leader and coordinator, on a one-to-one basis, for suggestions on addressing them.   
I have learned strategies on how to make positive attempts to maintain my body in a constant state of balance. This is achieved through attentive listening, and observing a healthy regime. All these interactions have contributed in no uncertain way to the achievement of a better and a fuller life for me. For what more can anyone hope?"