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101 Old York Rd. Suite 103- 1 Abington Plaza- Jenkintown, PA 19046

Dr. Paul's Holistic Health Network

Spirit Mind & Body

"Food For Your Soul"

A Holistic Health Network

101 Old York Rd
Suite 103

1 Abington Plaza
Jenkintown, PA  19046

For phone consultations/assessments with 
Dr. Paul Hopkins N.D. 



Listen to dr. Paul on WURD Radio 900am/96.1 FM Philadelphia, PA
Saturday morning 9-10am for
"Dr. paul's Holistic Health show"

Sunday afternoon 3-4PM for
"The Green Hour"


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Mastering a Healthy Lifestyle

In "The Insider’s Quick Guide to Optimal Health"

by Dr. Paul Hopkins N.D., readers are taken on a journey towards achieving and maintaining a state of well-being that encompasses not just physical health, but mental and emotional wellness as well. Dr. Paul combines his expertise in Naturopathic Medicine with practical advice and easy-to-follow strategies that empower individuals to take control of their health.


Through this insightful guide, readers learn not only the importance of nourishing their bodies with the right foods and engaging in regular exercise but also the significance of managing stress, getting quality sleep, and fostering positive relationships. Dr. Paul emphasizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of health and how addressing them holistically can lead to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.


With a blend of scientific knowledge and holistic principles, "The Insider’s Quick Guide to Optimal Health" serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to enhance their overall well-being. Dr. Paul's approachable style and evidence-based recommendations make this book a valuable companion on the journey to a healthier and happier self.


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(Natural Green Balance)

NGB Special Formula

Powder Health Drink

and 40 Day Detox Kit 


New Look same Great Formula

Image 11-23-21 at 4.03 PM.jpg

Dr Paul's NGB Power Drink 


Organic & Wild Crafted Herbs specially formulated in a Powder 

(Whole Food Supplement) with Organic Red Raspberry Flavor ​


Most of us are out of Balance meaning too Acidic (No Oxygen). Therefore we may suffer from malnutrition, and degeneration which causes all forms of lack in the body and is the progenitor of all Chronic Diseases. Dr. Paul's Herbal (NGB) formula puts all of those vital nutrients back into your body from a Land and Sea specially created formula to Alkalize your system and put your PH Balance back in check. 


Excellent source of potassium and Natural Iodine for thyroid support. With just 3 teaspoons of NGB in 12oz of your favorite 100% juice or water a day, you are back on your feet. So if you are suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, COPD, Weight problems, Heart, Anemia,  High Cholesterol, Anxiety, Headaches, Arthritis, Fatigue, Stress or any other Chronic condition this is the "Power Green Drink" for you. 


Great for the entire Family. Great in foods, soups or over your favorite snack food. Children love it and taste Great !

Specially formulated Ingredients: Irish Sea Moss, Purple Dulse Sea Weed, Kelp, Chlorella with broken cell wall, Wheat Grass, Spinach leaf, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Rose Hips, Lemon Peel, Astragulus Root, Beet Root, Turmeric, Pau d'Arco, Stevia with Organic Red Raspberry flavor. 

Image 11-23-21 at 4.03 PM.jpg

Dr. Paul's 

"Super Colon Clenz"

Many people don’t know but 90% of all Disease in the body starts in the Colon (Large intestines). This is why we must clean (DETOX) the colon with the change of every season or as often as possible. In a world of processed foods, genetically modified foods (GMO’s), hybrid vegetables, MSG, antibiotics, hormones in meats, pesticides and other contaminated foods we must keep our colon clean regularly.


Dr. Paul has created a special formula to combat these issues and with special herbs from South Africa this formula is gentle and does not act like a laxative. This formula provides a clenz and whole food nutrional supplement at the same time. You are going to feel GREAT!

Cleanse every change of seasons.


Special Formulated Ingredients: Cape Aloes, Barberry root bark, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark,

Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Garlic Bulb, African Bird Pepper (Cayenne), 

Black Walnut, Peppermint.


Dr. Paul's 

Anti-Parasite Formula

"The Eliminator"

After using the Dr. Paul Colon Clenz, step 2 is the Parasite Formula

“The Eliminator”, which will sweep the colon of all parasites and contaminants robbing your body of vital nutrients. This will restore your energy, balances digestion and rids bloating so you can feel like yourself ​again. 


There are many forms of Parasites such as Candida, Hookworms, Pinworms, Ringworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms, bacteria, fungi and others from pork, beef, chicken, fish and vegetables that we consume. Dr. Paul has created a special formula to totally rid the body of all these draining parasites and contaminates and restores your body back to a good bacteria balance and a healthy digestive system. 

Get yourself back on track!! 

Feel clean again. 

“A quarter of the world's people have hookworms, which can cause anemia and abdominal pain. Another third of a billion people suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by whipworms.” The Miami Herald

 Ingredients: Wormwood, Garlic, Cascara Sagrada, Chaparral, Fennel, Slippery Elm, Lobelia, Black Walnut, Cloves. 



 Body Analysis System

Testing for 8 Essential Health Risk Factors

Early detection to more effectively identify symptoms and disease

Heart Attack



Headache pain

and more


"The Men's Gathering"

Eagles  Nest  Development  Center





"Celebrating  20 + Years" in the community

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Dr. Paul's "Natural Woman" 

Holistic Health Class

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"The Family Tree"
 every Wednesday

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Change your water

change your life

Invest in a KANGEN WATEr Machine for your Family.
Never have to buy water again.


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Dr. Paul's Holistic Health Network 

101 Old York Rd
Suite 103
1 Abington Plaza
Jenkintown, PA 19046

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