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Dr. Paul's 40 Day Detox challenge

Dr. Paul's 80+ Traditional Blood Cleansing Herbs

Complete breakdown of the Chakras and Endocrine system,

with related functions and colors. 

Chickweed is Nature's Fat burner. Turn on the burner and lose weight while increasing nutrients.

Dr. Paul's PH Chart. Find out where you stand. Acid or Alkaline. You need to know!

Why is everyone's pressure so high!!??

Here are some herbal solutions for balancing the pressure.

Pau D' Arco -"The Divine Tree"  The Brazilian Multi-purpose Herb.

Who will decide if you can't? Do you have an Advance Directive in place.

Here are some check points to make sure you and your family are on point.

Are you acid or alkaline?

Red Clover is one of many researched herbs that has been known to fight Cancer.

Dr. Paul's Holistic Exam measuring 8 Essential Risk Factors.

Red Raspberry is the "Woman's Herb".  Total balancer.

A complete breakdown of how every vertebra and nerve are connected to organs.

Did you know that back pain could be causing your chronic condition?

Here is the Circadian Cycle for the Organs. Download and compare the times with the Circadian Rhythm Chart for digestion. 

Reference: The Complete Textbook of Holistic Self Diagnosis

Dr. Llaila Afrika

The secondary circulatory system. The sewer system of the body.

Dr. Paul's Top 20 Miracles of Nature. 

Bio available Natural Coral Calcium from the Ocean. 

Dr. Paul's Top Toxic Foods Chart. 

Ancient Ayurvedic method of Detox. 

The "Never Die" Miracle Tree. The complete nutrient.

Put your body back into Circadian Rhythm. 

The Red Onion has been used for thousands of years as an Anti Inflammatory. A natural Antibiotic and blood cleanser. 

Find out what foods by improper combining may be causing constipation, malnutrition, and Chronic Diseases.

Reference: The Complete Textbook of Holistic Self Diagnosis

Dr. Llaila Afrika

Dr. Paul's Alkaline/Acid Food Chart. Free Download.

See what foods may be causing your Chronic Disease and Inflammation issue. 

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