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Holistic Health Assessment

Origins of African Holistic Health

"African Science"

The Nile River is the longest river in the world and extends

4,160 miles. All along the Nile were Universities and

Medical institutions that taught Exoteric (General Sciences)

and Esoteric (Hidden Sciences). The Ancient concept is 

“To know Thy Self”.

Ghanaian Traditional Healers maintain this knowledge still

today and we ultimately believe that all disease is a form of

Malnutrition which causes imbalances in the body. When the

body is in a state of balance it is in “ease”. When the body is

out of balance this is when it is “dis-ease”. We believe that if

you feed the body, the body in turn will heal itself 11x times faster than you get sick.









We believe that the knowledge of the herbs and plant life was given to us by "God" and the science as an ancient method of diagnosis.  The body speaks a language of its own. Over time man has lost this ancient knowledge. It is understood that optimum health is based on balance which is the essence of African Science. We can not continue to break God's Universal laws by feeding the body man made synthetic medicines and chemicals (GMO's) and expect the body to maintain good health. 

Dr. Paul offers a personal holistic assessment consisting of objective and subjective measurements utilizing urine and saliva to determine human imbalances. 

Anything excess in the body is additional waste overflowing in the urine. Levels of glucose, protein, specific gravity, leucocytes, ketones and many more are just examples. We call the urine the diagnosis center  of the body or "Scene of the Crime". We also recognize imbalances through the face, hands, feet, eyes, tongue, and other parts of the body. Any inconsistancy on the outside of the body represents inconsistency on the inside of the body. 

 Dr. Paul will provide a personalized health plan with recommended Non-GMO Organic foods and Wildcrafted herbs. The  goal is to balance and maintain proper PH levels. Whatever personal goals you are pursuing, Dr. Paul can bring you back to true balance Naturally and Holistically. 

"Dr. Paul's Holistic Assessment"- Spirit, Mind, and Body.​

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 PH Testing tape strips and 10Sg Multistix
Urine analysis 
seniors 65 older
get a personalized health plan with an Acid/alkaline food chart based on your results.
Ask about "The Full Works"  package which includes the RM3A test analysis.

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