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The Bitter Cup
from the Amazon

For centuries this  medicinal goblet has been used to turn ordinary water into a powerful tonic for treating fever and numerous other ailments.


The secret is the Quassia wood.  This wood is from the tropical shrub or small tree Quassia Amata. Also known as Bitterwood, it contains quassin, one of nature’s bitterest substances. As an herbal remedy it was an early treatment for fever, digestive problems, and many other ills including parasitic worms (“Quassia Tincture” 2017).


The genus Quassia was named by Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778), the Swedish physician and naturalist who is known as “the father of modern taxonomy” (the classification of organisms). He named the plant after the first fellow botanist to have described it, Graman Quassi (1692–1787), a slave and healer in the Dutch colony of Suriname in South America. Quassi became so renowned that he won his freedom and even traveled to the Netherlands. Among his remedies was the bitter tea with which he treated intestinal parasites.

The Quassia is native to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Colombia, Argentina, French Guiana and Guyana.The name fits since the bark of the tree contains quassin, a substance 50 times more bitter than quinine.


Just pour a spring water, preferably bottled at the source into the cup and let it sit for a day. Then drink as a tonic  two to three  times a week.  

With regular use the cup can last from 2-3 years.


Health benefits of Quassia: 

  • Rheumatism: Use externally Rub on all areas of pain. 

  • Alcoholism:  It kills the appetite for alcohol.

  • Dandruff:  Use the water as a scalp rinse for dandruff.

  • Stomach Problems:  It is a good bitter tonic for all stomach and intestinal problems.

  • Worms: Antiparasitic

  • Detox: Used as a seasonal cleansing.

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